Anita Olsen

About Me

Ever since my teens I have dreamed of having my own homepage on my own domain. Things have changed some since as the keeping of a personal blog was not so common among people back then (I knew no one who kept a blog).

I had a lot of fun in my office at school during my breaks with trying out free websites offered to people who registered their name and email address. I recall I enjoyed adding small, animated pictures, cute pixels and so-called "bullets" on them as well as links to my online friends' sites or to other fun sites online. I even got to learn some basic HTML coding.

I have plans on publishing posts on spirituality including some of my own studies of spiritually inspired scriptures as well as sharing from my own personal spiritual experiences. I also dream about eventually getting to publish my own books some day soon, hoping they will be of benefit or at least of interest to other people.

​My name is Anita Olsen and I was born and raised in Norway. 

Yours sincerely,
Anita Olsen